My name is Niccolò (Nik) Coli, I’m Italian and I live in the wonderful city of Firenze (Florence), Tuscany.


My interest in photography begins in the year 2000, when I grab my father’s ASAHI Pentax K1000 film camera and bring it with me on a motorbike tour of France’s Provence region.

I had an amazing time riding around the countryside, but unfortunately the photographic experience didn’t turn out to be as successful. Back home I developed the film, and all the shots were burned out due to some -not well identified- problems with the shutter.

I was so frustrated that I didn’t handle any cameras for the next few months.

I like to think that those lost pictures gave me a reason to keep practicing.

I am still trying to re-capture the lost frames! A couple of years later, discovering the digital world was a true excitement.

I have always been a fan of computer graphic and the idea of combining it my passion for photography sounded just perfect.

I have had the possibility to put my passion to work for Tuscany’s landmark reportages, real-estate and advertisement.

At my current job I have the opportunity to travel around the world and explore new and different places, which makes me able to expand the frontiers of my photographic passion.


To me photography is a way to express an emotion, to open the doors of perception; I don’t really mind how I get there.

I am not a technical purist, I like experimenting with my style and I have been trying different photographic and post-processing techniques. I would define myself as a photographic explorer.

When I shoot a sunset on the ocean, rather than a guy walking on the street, I want to inspire in the viewer the same sensations I feel when I am in that place, on that specific moment.

If you ask me if one of my shots is true, I will answer it’s true to my eyes, that is why I like to refer to my gallery as “Inspirational Photography”.


I hope you enjoy my work , and please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear your voice and maybe we can meet someday!




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